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  • Alexy Khrabrov

    Alexy Khrabrov

    Open Source Science Community Director, IBM. Founder and organizer, Scale By the Bay and several Bay Area developer meetups: SF Scala, Bay Area AI… Dad of 4.

  • Eugene Kogan

    Eugene Kogan

    Distributed databases, and distributed data storage and processing systems. Hybrid Databases. https://www.linkedin.com/in/eugene-kogan-6439551/

  • Chris Holmes

    Chris Holmes

    Product Architect @ Planet, Board Member @ Open Geospatial Consortium, Technical Fellow @ Radiant.Earth

  • Eugene Polonsky

    Eugene Polonsky

    Eugene Polonsky is a 24-year veteran in the IT field. When not writing about management, he runs a team at IMDb, plays with his kids, and writes bad fiction.

  • Institute For The Future

    Institute For The Future

    Institute for the Future | nonprofit with 53 years of foresight research #EquitableFutures #StrategicForesight #UniversalBasicAssets #FuturesThinking

  • Andrey Karpov

    Andrey Karpov

    Microsoft MVP. Founder and DevRel of PVS-Studio static code analyzer for C, C++, C# and Java.

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Liran Belenzon

    Liran Belenzon

    CEO of BenchSci, husband, father and constant work in progress

  • Daniel Kornev

    Daniel Kornev

    Chief Product Officer @ DeepPavlov.AI. Shipped a part of Yandex AI Assistant Alice in 2018. Previously worked at Microsoft, Google, and Microsoft Research.

  • Carlos Arguelles

    Carlos Arguelles

    Hi! I'm a Senior Staff Engineer at Google. Prior to Google, I spent 11+ years at Amazon. And prior to Amazon, I spent 11+ years at Microsoft.

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